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Foxcard pro & Card Scanner

3.99 usd

FoxCard reads and saves your business cards, remembering everyone you meet for business. It is the perfect fit for those who have lots of business cards.* Must-Have Apps for Salespeople – The Wall Street Journal* The best OCR scanner for business card - Wired* The business cards just jump into your phones. It’s that easy to use! – CNC
The best Business card scanning app,download over 100 million users.
Besides, it has unique functions different from other software of the kind:Identify cards instantly and save them to contacts fast;Add photos, image-texts and remarks for cards;Totally local identification and no need for linked network; ensure absolute safety of data
Recognize languages:English,French,German,Italian,Spanish,Portuguese,Swedish,Finnish Danish,Russian,Japanese,Simplified Chinesee,Traditional Chinese.
[Our suggestions]For the best result, please ensure the photosThe clearer, the better. (Please shoot in well-lit places and try not to shake in photo shooting)The bigger the photo is, the better (Please align the card to the reminder frame in photo shooting )Place the photo above the cards and try to keep parallel direction
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